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Leaders make greater distinctions by knowing and understanding themselves, their motivations, key drivers, strengths, and aspirations. You will start from the inside and create your personal brand as you fine-tune and expand your coaching competencies, adding value to those you coach.


Through the Harisson Assessment, you will have the privilege of understanding your personal coach profile and development areas as a coach and leader and begin your journey of continuous development and growth.

You learn how important it is to be emotionally intelligent as a leader. You will understand and look at human behaviour from a new perspective. Giving stretched feedback through behaviours will be an approach you find crucial when you coach. You will start coaching others in this module and add to the coaching hours in your logbook.

  • You experience using your coaching model and get feedback to fine-tune and start creating the best coaching style for yourself.

  • Following the module, you will have two group coaching supervision sessions to help you improve your coaching practice.

  • You will start a coaching project with a buddy that you will both submit in Module 3.


Key Topics

Leadership Branding
Coaching Practices
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