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Module 3 will propel you to not only fine-tune and advance your coaching competencies capabilities in a business context but also equip you with greater confidence, flair, and power. You would learn more tools in this programme to have a successful coaching session with leaders and teams.

  • You would have logged in at least 10 coaching hours by this module and read 2 related books to coaching at this stage.

  • You would be ready to sit for a practical coaching exam and complete your final assessment.

  • You would be submitting your 2500 words reflective essay.

  • You would be equipped with advanced knowledge in how to set up and terminate, if need be, a coaching session satisfactorily.

  • You are a few steps away from being a member of Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC™) and a Registered Corporate Coach™


Key Topics

Coaching Tools
The Impact of Neuroscience on Coaching 
What are leaders expecting from a coach and how to support them positively?
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What Graduating Coaches are Saying

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