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What is CCA?

A program designed by experienced leaders and certified corporate business coaches to help you attain and expand your coaching skills within your organisation and beyond


CCA Module 1:
Core Coaching Skills

We will guide you to develop an understanding of core skills required to be a competent coaching leader. You want to be a leader who has profound impact when leading and developing others.


CCA Module 2:
Corporate Coaching Essentials

You will, with enhanced self-awareness and competencies, be a coaching leader who is a model of continuous learning and development.


CCA Module 3:
Accredation Level Coaching

You  will transition into becoming a competent and confident coaching leader who can overcome workplace barriers and personal limiting beliefs. Uplifting, developing and empowering others effectively and, with ease will be the way your lead.

Why CCA?

  1. We regularly review and revise our programme to equip you with the key skills and competencies to lead and execute through times of unprecedented change

  2. We provide access to inspiring leaders who can support your development

  3. Founded on the standards of WABC™ with a focus on experiential modules to keep you engaged

  4. Workshops designed to provide you with "soft skills" that enable you to succeed in any environment such as coaching, effective communication and social intelligence

  5. Continuous support to develop your capabilities and confidence that add value to your coaching practice

  6. Assessments are provided at the end of each module to enable the retention of course material


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This program is for you if you...

  1. Want to work with passionate individuals with local and international experience as corporate coaches

  2. Are looking for a program that is WABC Accredited (Level 1-RCC™) delivering the highest quality business coaching programme.

  3. Want to complete the program in 6 months for the accreditation

  4. Want an engaging program that pushes you to your best self

  5. Want to see the progress of your learning through the assessments, regular feedback, supervision and coaching practice 

  6. Want to add value through charity partners who could benefit from your service

To enrol you must:

  1. Be in a leadership position or have held a leadership position in an organisation

  2. Have a minimum of 7 years of business or organizational experience

  3. Have a minimum leadership experience of 18 months


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