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My name is Laakhvinder Kaur!

I am a fully qualified Certified Business Coach, CBC™ (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) since 2012 and an ACC (International Coaching Federation) with more than 2400 coaching hours. I provide an Executive Coaching programme (accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™) for individuals who want to be Business Coaches.

About Me

I am also a Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Mediator and have worked with a broad range of clients across several industries since 1997. Over the past 25 years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience training a diverse mix of organizations in locations such as North Africa, North America, China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore to accelerate and improve individual and team performance.

My deep knowledge of behavioural sciences allows me to assist leaders in shaping and building internal capability in the organizations they lead. I can quickly create a safe space and rapport to enable my client to self-reflect and work in depth. I blend directness and empathy, allowing me to challenge my clients’ thinking and hold them accountable. I am also a passionate facilitator, committed to ensuring every participant leaves my sessions fully equipped to excel in their roles and unlock their own potential at any stage of their career. I work in partnership with clients and my key objective is to help my client first overcome mindsets and behaviours that may be getting in the way of their performance and enjoyment of their life.


In a programme or coaching session, I enable turnkey moments that allow my clients to find and execute the answers and solutions that lie within. I am a total believer that humans have unlimited potential and abilities. My passion is in empowering others to shine and beyond that, make a
difference to their communities and society as I believe that is the best way to keep going as a human race.

I often take on the role of a sounding board, shining new light through deep listening and empowering questions, identifying patterns and values to reveal clients’ authentic style and unlock untapped potential.

What others say


It has been a personal growth journey as you discover and learn more about yourself as you coach others. I walked away with more than just coaching skills!


Before I joined this program, I'm a very fact-driven person. I listen to facts all the time. However, after this program, I'm better able to listen out for emotions from my family and loved ones. This helps me create more meaningful relationships and allows the whole relationship to be better than before.


I have a greater idea of who I really am through the Assessment and reflections. I want to be the model of development to my team too as I expect them to be up for learning and change regularly.

“The programme is very energetic! The environment was powerful, and everyone stepped up to progress from listening to learning from coaching and being coached.”


"The faculty is very warm and knowledgeable. When I first met the faculty, everyone was so interactive and helpful. I've never experienced a training program where the student-to-faculty ratio is so low. It speaks of the amazing effort put in to help us learn."


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