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Change or Measurable change?

We work with organizations that are committed to creating measurable and sustainable change. We help organizations create that impactful, lasting change through behaviors that increase employee engagement.


Knowing and doing immediately

We believe that in leadership development, there is more fad than action and application. 

We immediately put the program's learned content into practice in order to instil the necessary learnings in the participants. We believe that without practice, all of the knowledge from neuro- and behavioural science, performance psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and so much more is useless. 

We walk the talk

We make important the need for us to talk the walk – to be able to explain when working with our clients why what they do daily matters and how they expect to achieve their objectives need to be in sync with what they do daily to achieve their ultimate objectives. 

As a team of coaches and facilitators, we know how essential it is to share real-life examples and scenarios from decades of working in various organisations to enable our participants to connect and relate to their situations.

Our utmost top requirement from ourselves is to be able to walk the walk when it comes to offering our full attention and support when working with a client to achieve their objectives from working with us.

WHAT We do with you


Practical application backed up with theory


Experienced business coaches and Facilitators


Practical strategies for actualized ledership

Our Services

Training and Facilitation

Since 1999, we have believed the best leader is one who understands emotions and human behaviour. It is a big bonus if leaders use coaching conversations when supporting and inspiring others at work. We enable leaders to create sustainable transformations and actualizations of organizations and personal goals.

We are passionate about the work we do and committed to building leaders and long-term relationships. To do this, we are constantly seeking to learn and develop our thinking to better serve our clients.

Leaders, executives, and managers are our regular clients, and our work involves providing customized solutions to teams, individuals, and organizations to resolve their regular challenges and bring about a transformation of attitudes, mindsets, and behaviours for greater efficiency and satisfaction. An attitude for us is to consider the broader impact of their leadership. Enablement, transformation, and actualization are key takeaways from working with us.

The effect of coronavirus on the well-being of managers and their teams within the workplace environment led to finally the birth of our WABC™ accredited coaching programme, called Corporate Coaching Accreditation. CCAccreditation is a subsidiary of FunDaMentals Strategics Pte Ltd.

How we do things around here:


Open Mindset


Collaboration and Relationship

Some of the work we do 

  • Leadership Programmes For Greater Efficiency 

  • Leadership through connections and Emotional Intelligence

  • Professional Executive Coaching Programme with WABC Accreditation

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Laakh says....

Sustainable success relies on genuine human leadership and a strong and well-explained belief and purpose owned by the core team. This involves continuous conversations with everyone in the organization and demonstration that it continues to want to inspire daily behaviours which are indicators of sustainable success over time.

A peak into the Fundamental Strategics Program

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