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The overall programme of 'Corporate Coaching Accreditation’ is a journey of soft skills development over a 6-month period. Each leader will develop their own competencies and work with their teams to drive high performance. The main focus is to become coaching leaders.

C –  Core Coaching Skills, Module 1 - to develop the competencies needed to be a coaching leader and know how to apply the skills into the workplace

C – Corporate Coaching Essentials, Module 2 - to build self-awareness as a leader and develop an understanding of what it takes to be a coaching leader and the value of becoming a people developer

A – Accreditation Level  Coaching, Module 3 -  to transition into a corporate coaching leader with credibility and confidence to address with flair own and support others  as a Registered Corporate Coach and leader

These programmes will consist of a combination of workshops and online learning. The leadership programmes will enable the potential in all participants as they learn the skills, understand how to overcome challenges and then implement the learning successfully. Additional projects and buddy work will be included along the way to keep the journey alive and to ensure a transformation into successful coaches.


This is program has been accredited by Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), a globally recognized mark that represents the highest quality business coaching training in the world. This programme is part of a rigorous independent assessment, designed exclusively for business coaching programs, to ensure the programme offers high quality, evidence-based training rooted in real-world organizational and business needs.


Our graduates will  receive the Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) credential and become members of WABC, the leading global association committed to driving business coaching excellence with robust, evidence-based practices.

We are look forward to welcoming you in our small group coaching programme!

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